Refer A Friend Program

You can now refer your friend to use the Paycent App. Referring is easy and you could do it hassle-free through the app. Refer your friend and get a US $5.00 reward.


  • Complete your KYC and get verified.
  • On the Crypto Dashboard, you can find the Referral section.
  • Input your friends’ details (Phone Number and Email) or find them through your contacts.
  • You can input up to 10 contacts.
  • An SMS and email will be sent to your referred friend.
  • Upon account registration of your referred friend, you will be notified through the app.
  • Once your friend is KYC-verified, they will receive a US $5.00 reward and you will be sent a notification of your US $5.00 reward automatically credited to your Paycent SIP wallet.



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